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Stony-Iron Meteorites "Pallasites" (View 37541/Answer 0)


Imilac (Pallasite) 8.40g Half Endcut
Imilac (Pallasite)
Brenham (Pallasite) 14.90g Partslice
Brenham (Pallasite)
Esquel (Pallasite) 1.754g Partslice
Esquel (Pallasite)
Glorieta Mountain (Pallasite) 9.00g Individual
Glorieta Mountain (Pallasite)
Al Mahbas (Pallasite) 5.63g Half Individual
Al Mahbas (Pallasite)
Seymchan (Pallasite/IIE) 15.50g Partslice
Seymchan (Pallasite)
Molong (Pallasite) 3.30g Endcut
Molong (Pallasite)
Somervell County (Pallasite) 5.3g Endcut
Somervell County (Pallasite)
Pallasovka (Pallasite) 704g Partslice.
Pallasovka (Pallasite)



Estherville (Mesosiderite) 7.70g Partslice
Estherville (Mesosiderite)
Mount Padbury (Mesosiderite) 5.21g Individual
Mount Padbury (Mesosiderite)
NWA 1882 (Mesosiderite) 1.89g Endcut with Large Metal Pocket
NWA 1882 (Mesosiderite)
NWA 1879 (Mesosiderite) 1.20g Endcut
NWA 1879 (Mesosiderite)
NWA 1827 (Mesosiderite) 3.25g Partslice
NWA 1827 (Mesosiderite)
Clover Springs (Mesosiderite) 2.6g Partslice from Monnig Collection: M-887.2a
Clover Springs (Mesosiderite)
Vaca Muerta (Mesosiderite) 29.8g Half Individual
Vaca Muerta (Mesosiderite)
NWA 2711 (Mesosiderite) 10.8g Partslice
NWA 2711 (Mesosiderite)
NWA 1827 (Mesosiderite) 13.78g Endcut
NWA 1827 (Mesosiderite)


Classification and mineralogy : (R. Jones, UNM; J. Wasson, UCLA): Small, angular olivines (73 vol%), mean Fa17.2; molar Fe/Mn = 123; metal composition, Ni = 151 mg/g, Co, 9.6 mg/g, Ga, 15.3 µg/g; As, 10.1 µg/g; Ir, 50.4 µg/g, Au, 1.16 µg/g. Mean oxygen isotope ratios of olivine (T. Larson and Z. Sharp, UNM): 18O = +0.52o/oo, 17O = –2.87o/oo.

(ahl' a veen) - A group of silicate minerals with a compositional range running from all magnesium - forsterite, Mg2SiO4 - to all iron - fayalite, Fe2SiO4 - common in pallasites, chondrites and some achondrites.


My Stony-Iron Meteorites "Pallasites" for Sale !

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